Apnea attitude, Massy (France)

Just a few kilometers from Paris, Massy was the place where Apnea Attitude was organized on march 19th 2005. The competition featured Static and Dynamic disciplines, making it an all round attractive event. The pool-complex was quite crowded and the competition featuring a few top-athletes. Besides that Umberto Pelizzari and Pierre Frolla also visited the event.

With a pretty long drive to Massy, team Sharkbait arrived at the event. After all the standard check-in procedures, they scouted the area. The pool was in good condition and all had been arrangd for the freedivers. Jorg coached the team and took care of the filming and taking pictures during the event.

Performances in static were pretty ok, as both Notis and Sanne focused on their dynamic performance. Notis did a clean 4:00 and Sanne thought he did a clean 4:30, but officials rounded down the time to 4:29.

The dynamic discipline gave Notis not all the distance he had hoped for, but he still was satisfied with a 80m dynamic with fins. Last winter (2004) Sanne realized a personal record of 80m in Eindhoven, which he had promised to bring up-to 100m in the next event. So now he was up for the challenge making that 100m true. The 100m was performed, with the words “touch the wall” in the back of his mind, but apparently the heel of Sanne surfaced in the 2nd lap. So the performance was disqualified, never the less Sanne is very pleased with his personal record.

Concluding this event as reasonable if it comes to organisation, but if it comes to fun and performance it was good. The day was ended with a fun talk with Umberto during the ceremony, after that it was a long drive home again…

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