TV-show performance: Wedden dat ..?!

As an ultimate challenge, team Sharkbait performed in a dutch television show called “Wedden dat..?!” This show is mainly about extreme performance challenges on which famous people can predict the outcome, when predicted wrong they have to do a forfeit.

The challenge team Sharkbait was put up against, was sitting in a car on the floor of a pool (-3,5 m) for 4 minutes. Within the 4 minutes a crew of divers, would snorkle to fill bags with air taken from the surface. The bags are attatched to a frame on which the car is mounted. If the divers make it within the 4 minutes to fill enough air into the bags and thus the car gets elevated to the surface the challenge is good. Any longer then 4 minutes and the challenge fails.

As the show-hostess made the introduction for the camera, me and Peter Wurschy (ATA) were waiting in the water for the challenge to start. She calls the famous words: And the challenge is stared (“Dan gaat de weddenschap nu in !”). Me and Peter make a nice dive to the car and get seated, the safety people close the door behind us and now all we had to do is wait. As the time flies by and the the bags are filled with air, the car gets enough elevation from the bags and starts its way to the surface. On the way to the surface the cars slightly rolls over, because the divers couldn’t equally fill up the bags. Just in time the divers corrected the problem and the car started to roll back in position. Now we only had to make it in time to resurface again… See the movie-clip to see the whole challenge.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”360″][/youtube]

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