Summer Time !!

..or at least finally some good weather! It’s May again, so that means the start of our deep diving season. I’m very excited about this particular season. This Friday we have another team meeting to discuss our goals and training regime for the next 6 months. We had a very good winter season that lay a broad foundation to build on. So Phase 1 is complete.

In the last 6 months Notis and Sanne learned a lot about themselves and how they need to train and with what kind of mentality. I, as coach, learned a lot about these two athletes. With a very good logged 6 months which made me do a lot of analyzing of all the gathered data. So we learned, we discussed, we trained, we fine-tuned, we tested, we gave it all and now we are ready. We’ve done our first step, so now the only thing we have to do is keep walking.

So, what about Phase 2? Later on I will reveal some more about this, but I can see we’re definitely going for some records in the (near?) future. Notis and Sanne have loads of potential, each in their own disciplines and way. And they are nowhere near their limits.

It’s funny too see how 2 people can approach freediving in such a different way. When we’re together it’s just loads of fun, talking about everything and nothing, but when it’s time for training you can feel the concentration. Each athlete going for their own goals in the training session, slowly working to the season goal and working further to the end goal… Are there end goals? Well, let’s just call them like that for now. For the project we’re doing now we have some clear defined end goals. When it’s done, we start another marathon.

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