1st place @ Huy 2006

After a good performance at Dordtdive 2006 last week, this week in Huy was the next challenge in showing a constant performance curve. So the goals for this competition were the same as last week; 5:15 static and a 110m+ in dynamic with fins.

The static performance was pretty easy and felt quite good, although I couldn’t get my mind totally relaxed. As agreed with my coach Jorg, I got my taps at the times we discussed in training. I surfaced clean after 5 minutes and 16 seconds and I received the white card from the jury, meaning an approved performance.

In between the static and dynamic performance was about 2 hours resting time. My coach thought I had to start in 1st lane, but as we both saw somebody else sitting on the edge of the pool, we took my dynamic to the 2nd lane. The shallow part of the pool made my turning slightly difficult as I didn’t want to make the mistake of surfacing a fin or bodypart. Swimming towards the 125m and surfacing clean, waiting for the white card from my judge…and the performance is my new personal record!

As the competition was a Belgian Cup, us dutch couldn’t compete for the overall ranking price, but my position would have been first in overall ranking. I received a silver medal for my static performance and a gold medal for the dynamic performance.

Overall two good competitions with good performances made myself, my coach and my support pleased and curious about future performances as this is the benchmark we’re going to be working from…

[youtube width=”600″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEssGAuhiqY[/youtube]

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