Checking out depths…Tooth ache?

Panheel, August 3 Р2006

As usual on the Thursday we go for the outdoor training, descending into the depth and relaxing the mind while going there… This is the main focus for my exercise at the moment. With the good weather and right circumstances I started the training. The preparations for the exercise were good and the first 2 dives commenced without any difficulties. On the 3rd dive however my back tooth seemed to think differently, making the deepest dive impossible.

It wasn’t a normal tooth squeeze which is the most common problem with teeth and diving. In my case it must have been a little crack in the back tooth, which allowed some water underneath the filling. Although this is what Jorg and I agreed upon after discussing the awkward situation.

Nevertheless, we continued the training to depths where the pain wasn’t there, so after all a good training day. With some nice pictures and relaxing dives.

Next thing on my agenda is contacting the dentist and discuss the possible solutions. Hoping I’ll be able to dive to some good depths again… I’ll post any news on the situation.

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