Back into the depths

As I reported last week, my back tooth had been keeping me from diving into the depths of Panheel. I immediately contacted my dentist, but unfortunately he wasn’t in that week. So I decided to discuss the situation first thing Monday morning, luckily for me he could help me Monday afternoon.

After discussing it with my dentist, we both agreed to replace the filling. Although the roentgen-picture didn’t reveal any sign of a cavities, when replacing the filling the actual problem revealed itself. The back-tooth had a little crack on the side, which must have caused the pain during diving.

Now with a new filling in my back tooth I went out for the weekly practice with Jorg and I could dive into the depths again. So whenever you have any problems, contact your dentist immediately and get it fixed. I thank my dentist for the quick assistance and his professional approach to the situation.

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