Upcoming Freediving Events in 2008

statistics.thumbnail.jpgAs a new year has come along, Team Sharkbait’s best wishes go out to all our readers. Also a big thanks for the people who keep visiting back here!

Here’s a small statistics update since our new site started february 2007: 41 posts, 20 comments and about 6500 visitors from 91 different countries.

Thank you all for tracking my freediving blog!

Upcoming Events 2008
The new events have also been chosen for the first 4 months of 2008.

26th and 27th of January
7ème Coupe de Dauphins, Geneva, Switzerland Switzerland

Coupe des Dauphins

National Open with AIDA Ranking Recognition WR with doping-test
Static (STA), Dynamic with fins (DYN) and Dynamic without fins (DNF)

William Winram asked us to drop by in this competition when we were at Wiesbaden last year, so I’m looking forward to this!

12th – 18th of April
Bizzy Blue Hole – Dahab, Egypt Egypt


National with guest with AIDA Ranking
Constant Weight No fins (CNF), Constant weight (CWT) and Free Immersion (FIM)

We talked to one of the organizers in the Tongelreep Eindhoven during one of our training sessions, she would be thrilled for us to compete and report from the event.

19th – 26th of April
Shark-Bait Xplores Sharm El Sheikh

Reef Oasis

Personal freediving Xperience and lot’s of freediving fun
Xploring depth’s whilst totally relaxing and enjoying the coral reefs

A well deserved holiday with my girlfriend at the nice coral’s of Sharm el Sheikh! Nicely closing the first 4 month’s of 2008. After that it’s back to the drawing board and hit the waters of the Tongelreep in Eindhoven again 😉

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