Monofin technique: progress report

Tonights monofin training proved to be a very good one, as I got my technique pretty much the way it’s supposed to be. In a preparation we did some small statics, with only the normal swim-goggles. It’s an awkward feeling at first but after a few tries it was actually not annoying anymore to have the water up my nose. Jorg did a couple of statics as well and tried out the underwater MP3 player.

Tongelreep_09_02_2006_JJ_07_01.jpgIn the training pool we started of with some small fins to get the movement training started. At the end of the training we picked up the leaderfins monofin and did various exercises to trigger the right effect. As it’s my lowerback that’s getting strained when i try to swim faster, or make shorter amplitudes. We went back to a earlier exercise which did trigger the right movement. Arms alongside whilst swimming with the monofin, but this time focussing on making a smaller amplitude. As soon as Jorg spotted the technique was how it’s supposed to be, he signaled me and I brought my arms to the stretched out position. So doing it with the phases separated, it did trigger the motion we were looking for.

Next time it’s time to get it on film and analyze it to see what improvements I’ve made so far. I’m very excited to see that my body is capable of making the monofin movement. Now it’s time to tweak and train and perfectionize it… 😉

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