Bizzy Blue hole – schedule

Egypt_Dahab__Blue_Hole_1074.jpgCounting down the days has stopped, packing the freedive gear is done. I think it’s time to travel to Egypt now… 😉 As you might have read in my previous posts I’ll be taking part in the Freediving Competition: Bizzy Blue Hole (Dahab, Egypt). A depth competition featuring 3 of my favorite disciplines when it comes to depth; Constant Weight , Constant Weight Without Fins and Free Immersion. In the preceding weeks I’ve been preparing for this competition and also finally made my very own lanyard.

The global plan for me for this event are as follows:

12th of April
Departure @ Schiphol Amsterdam The Netherlands & Arrival @ Sharm el Sheikh & transfer to Dahab Egypt

13th of April
Training day in preparation of the competition.

14th of April
Training day in preparation of the competition.
There are also events planned on this day:

  • Magic 3 – Hold your breath – stop at what you think is 3 min.
  • Team static breath hold – Relay teams of three against other teams.

15th,16th and 18th of April
Aida Freedive competitions – disciplines: FIM/CWT/CNF. Furthermore on the 18th they might plan another Unassisted series of attempts.

17th of April
Resting day or training day

19th of April
This will be our last day at the Blue Hole , depending on the sistuation I might participate with the relay freedive that has been organised.

19th – 26th of April
Shark-Bait Xplores Sharm El Sheikh Egypt

Reef Oasis

27th of April
Arrival in Amsterdam The Netherlands

I hope to have some kind of an internet connection so I can write a few updates on how things are going. If not, you’ll just have to wait for me to get home, or Jorg might write a few lines here to keep you posted.

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