Bizzy: Arrival and Ras Mohamed

20080413_Egypte_Ras_Mohamed_01.JPGAfter our arrival at the airport we got through customs and there was a cab-driver waiting to pick us up. He brought us to Dahab in quite a good tempo, we were a bit confused by the way they communicate on the road here, but after a while the flashing and claxon fade into the background.

As we’d just checked into the hotel (Nesima), Rahel called me to meet up with the rest of the group. So there we ate a quick meal and met up with all the other freedivers around.

20080413_Egypte_Ras_Mohamed_02.JPGWe managed to tag along with the excursion next day to Ras Mohamed. With a few check-ups and a bag searches, we were on a boat to the dive area. A nice quiet place surrounded by mountains and a few other boats.The first stop was a good warm-up area with a few corals and a lot of trigger fish.

20080413_Egypte_Ras_Mohamed_03.JPGAfter a nicely cooked meal on the boat we were on our way to the 2nd and last site for that day. This site featured a nice long coral wall and one beautiful cave to freedive through. I think that was quite an amazing part of the day.

20080413_Egypte_Ras_Mohamed_04.JPGTime to head back to Shar el Sheikh and from that point we travelled back to Dahab. When we were back there was a small briefing about tomorrows schedule. We’re asked to meet up at the pool of Nesima to do the magic 3 and team relay static. After that I’m going to finally meet the Blue hole and hopefully with a nice line to dive by.

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  1. Hi Sanne,

    That was a quick start, looks beautiful over there. Lots of success and take care!


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