Magic 3, Team Static and depth-training

20080414_BlueHole_03.JPGSo today we were up for a magic 3 and team static competition, which was held at the pool of our hotel. The magic 3 is basically static breathholding to what you think is 3 minutes, which I managed quite good, but still 18 seconds off with 3:18. The winner Georgina Miller had a time of 3:02 very close to the magic number ;).

The team static was very nice to do…it’s a small competition where 3 freedivers are put into a team and you have to hold your breath the longest of all groups. So head in the water, before your team mate surfaces. I was in the team with Daan Verhoeven and Ulrich Wulff and we managed to reach a time of 11:56 which was good for a 3rd place.

20080414_BlueHole_47.JPGAfter that we arranged for a cab to bring us to the blue hole and start a training session. The road there is a bit bumpy, but as I heard Sven telling me that when he was there like 10 years ago, Dahab wasn’t the city as it is now. I started practicing with Daan and Sven and I had to say…Blue hole is just an amazing site. Althouh I didn’t do much more than train for 1,5 hours, my girlfriend Marieke managed to shoot quite a few very nice pictures.

20080414_BlueHole_28.JPGTraining went very well, as it was a warm-up day I didn’t expect anything above 25m’s, but turning up feeling well after each deeper dive was very nice. I tried to do the different styles and train with a lanyard, as that is my first as well. I think training was really good and I’m very pleased with today. With a maximum of 37m’s almost equaling my previous personal best, says enough. Free Immersion was also very nice and relaxed on which I was curious on which point the free fall starts, in my case at about 16m with 3 kg’s.

20080414_BlueHole_71_resized.jpgLater that night the briefing and registration for tomorrow’s competition was due and I registerd for the first day with a constant weigh without fins of 35m’s. The rest of the starting list is in the picture.

We’ll grab a cab together with Dave Tranfield and head out there at about 9:00 in the morning.

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  1. Hi Sanne,

    Nice to hear that you had a good day,
    hope to hear from you soon, sen my love to Marieke,


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