Competition Day One

20080415_Day_One_03.jpgToday was the first of the competition days organized by for the Bizzy Blue Hole. We met up with Dave at around 9:00 and arranged for a taxi to pick us up and bring us to the Blue Hole and back. Once we’d arrived we just got into the relaxing Aqua Marina lounge bar to sit a couple of hours. Dave was feeling quite a bit sick from last night’s food, but eventually he decided to do his first CNF (Constant weight No Fins) dive anyway. He made his depth of 30m’s but his stomache didn’t agree all to much.

20080415_Day_One_02.jpgI got into the water at around 11:30 to swim out and do a warm-up dive to about 25m’s. The warm-up felt really good and I was confident about my 35m CNF-dive.

After the warm-up, at around 12:00 it was my turn to make my freedive to 35m’s without fins. The first part went really smooth; duck-dive, the first strokes and equalisation were fine. 20080415_Day_One_07_autocolor.jpgAt around 16m’s I got into the sink-phase and I could focus more on my equalization, but it wasn’t as smooth as I’d hoped it to be. I looked for the plate and it was only a few meters away and just descended a bit slower, grabbed the tag and returned for the surface with the tag still in my hand.

20080415_Day_One_08_autocolor.jpgI surfaced after 1 minute and 33 seconds immersion and took 3 breath’s, performed my surface protocol and gave my tag to the judge. A white card was shown to me, meaning the dive had been judged as valid. I’m very pleased with this nice performance, it shows me that I’m capable of doing a little more with some more practice hours.

Tonight’s registration will be at 19:00 and I might have list of the performances of today with the points and I hope to have a list of the starting times for tomorrow aswell.

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