Bizzy: Competition day three

20080418_Day_Three_010.jpgThe last day of the AIDA competitions and I feel very confident in doing the 40 meter constant weight. It was about 10 o’clock when we arrived at the Aqua Marina and the weather had settled a bit since yesterdays 10 mph wind speed. The water still was a bit choppy, but over the Blue hole the waves were not too high.

20080418_Day_Three_015.jpgPreparing the dive with a few stretch exercises and planning this one only with valsalva technique. So no mouthfill, just on pure relaxation and focus on good equalization. As the water was a bit colder than yesterday, I decided to go in only 15 minutes before my official top (OT).

10 minutes before my OT I did a 1 minute 20 seconds static at 10 meter, which should let my body know that I’m about to dive deep. I felt really at ease and confident that I would make it. 4 minutes left to OT and I get called to the line and the safety prepares the depth gage and connects the lanyard to the competition line. I hear Marieke telling me I’ve got plenty of time down there, which reminds me that I do indeed; so no lightning decisions.

20080418_Day_Three_021.jpgI start the dive and descent with my normal speed rate (~1 meter per second) and reach 25 meters without any problem. I start the sink phase and focus more on the equalization, just as I think the equalization starts getting harder I see the bottom plate within normal reach. I choose a tag to bring up, put it in the side of my cap, finish the turn and head back up to the surface. A total of 1 minute 16 seconds dive time and I resurface and do my surface protocol within 2 breath’s, gave my tag to the judge and got a white card presented. This is how a freedive should go, feel and be executed. I’m very very pleased with this dive and depth! I recall Sebastian (organizer) saying this was one of the best dives on execution of that day.

20080418_Day_Three_097.jpgLater that night at the meeting there was a BBQ arranged. Also a small pop-quiz with some freedive related questions, which was really fun to do. Everybody drinking Sakara’s and having fun. A really festive night and kind of closure of the event.

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