My First Week: Pool Training

20071109_tongelreep_09After the somewhat unsuccessful drywalks I was still in high hopes that my aquatic skills hadn’t disappeared as well. Hopefully 12 years of freediving weren’t thrown to waste.

On Friday it was time for pool training. I decided to do a small static schedule at 5 meters depth, bottom of the pool. After that do 2 laps of dynamic without fins on the bottom as well, and close the session of with some fin work. Would be around 3o minutes of time of the hour Sanne and I’ve got.

At 16:40 Sanne picked me up at home and I was really psyched up to go. I had the whole schedule figured out and promised myself to do it slow. No force, no must do. When we walked in the pool we saw that our 5 meter deep 25 meter pool was till being used. Oh oh… That was not how it was planned to go! Apparently something was broken in the 50 meter pool, so the very important PSV swim team (where Pieter van den Hoogenband trained) were using the 25 meter pool. Damn there goes the plan.

After some consulting we where told we had to wait until 17:30 before we could go get in. Shit, I had to leave at 18:00 to pick up the kids. Because of this change of plans our whole schedule was not going to work and therefore we almost decided to leave again. Almost!

img_3893We decided to see things positive and wait under the shower until we could go in. We filled the time with some small talk about quantum mechanics and some other light discussion material and before we knew it it was already time to jump in.

Eager to do my schedule I already jumped in without waiting for Sanne and started my schedule that somewhat looked like this:

  1. Rest, do 40 second static at 5 meters depth
  2. Rest, do 50 second static…
  3. Rest, do 1 minute static…
  4. Rest, do 1:10 min
  5. Rest, do 1:20 min
  6. Rest, do 1:30 min

Normally I would say I have to pick a fixed time to rest, but as this was just to feel good again I felt how it was going and in the end did rest all the time between around 1 minute and 1:30 minute. Not too long, not too short.

The 1 minute and 1:20 minute static went the best. I really felt I lost time over there and looked on the watch a few seconds before I was there. So I had to get up again fast. The last 1:30 was also no problem to do, but felt very much different, only because it was the last one and I HAD to finish this one as well. Wrong mindset of course. Have to change this next time.

img_3962After this it was time for Dynamic without fins. For the first one I took the weights and let me drop down to 5 meters. Pushed against the wall and made 6 strokes to get to the other side. Felt good and very easy, technique was still somewhat there. After a small rest I swam down to 5 and did the 25 meters to the other side again. Felt even better. I guess swarming up with the static really helped. Could have gone much further, but promised myself not to go further then 25 meters.

As it was almost time to go, I decided to quickly grab my trusty old cressi gara 2000’s and do a dynamic with fins on the bottom. Felt great to wear the fins again that were with me in the beginning when I started freediving. Again promised myself not to overdo it, so maximum was 25 meters and then some kicks. It felt great again! Really want to do more of this again.

Pretty happy with how I felt! It’s been a while since I enjoyed doing pool work myself. I think that goes back to 2002… 7 years ago. Wow. Let’s stick with what I did this week for the coming weeks and see how I progress by still feeling comfortable. Don’t want to reactivate the pool training burnout again!

2 thoughts on “My First Week: Pool Training”

  1. I was very pleased to see you doing a schedule. In the meantime I did some small dynamic with fins runs. But I stopped that to see how you were progressing. I shot some video material which I’ll post later.

    Good training and indeed let’s see how you feel doing this same schedule for a few weeks! Keep up the good work.

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