My First Week: Outdoor Freediving

panheel_jorg_jansen_01After a good night sleep after my successful first pool training I just wanted to do some deep freediving again. Of course it would be better to do some freediving in Egypt or the Maldives, Sanne and I would have to settle for Panheel in the south of the Netherlands.

So on Saturday morning it was time to pack my bag again with my freediving gear. That has been a long time! Glad I cleaned up the garage the week before so I knew where I left all my stuff.

Again Sanne picked me up and before we could drive to the lake I had to do a small medical test. It’s always fun to see a doctor’s face and expression when you talk about freediving! Fortunately it was a fast doctor so after 20 minutes it was time to go to our final destination.

When we arrived after a 30 minute ride the sun was shining and the water looked flat. I really was looking forward to dive in. I brought 2 wetsuits: my 2,5 mm elios and my 5 mm submarine. As I was planning to put on the elios because it gives me great flexibility, Sanne heavily disagreed. He already did an outdoor freedive session 2 weeks ago with his 6,5 mm and it was still very colt.

As Sanne has believed in my coaching advice in the last year it was time to turn the roles and listen to him 😉 So I took my old submarine suit and before we knew it we were already standing in the water. The water felt great and the good suit, socks and gloves prohibited flowing in of any water. Even when I put my head in the water it still felt comfortable.

outdoor_season_2006First object to conquer was the closest buoy with had a line to 10 meters. I just took a few breaths and went down. When I thought I was halfway I already hit the bottom plate with my hands. Wow that went fast! I just relaxed over there and when I felt the urge to breath I want up again. First dive, dive time 1:10. Not bad for a first.

Sanne and I alternated some dives at the buoy and then it was time to take the next object; another buoy with a line to some “treasury” at 10 meters depth. This really started to feel like more! When I came up again I looked to the 35 meter buoys that were far away from where we were. Would we do the 15 min swim again to there on the first day?

No, just relaxing! So it was time to visit the flora & fauna habitat they setup in the lake. An object with trees on it and made so that divers can go to a small short tunnel of around 10 meters. First dive down to around 6 meters I didn’t look properly and had a small collision with a big eel which had a bigger neck then me! Damn, it’s good to freedive.

After I came up Sanne went down and came up reporting that he saw a big pike. Life is good! This is the stuff I’m doing it for. The next 10 dives were all to watch the pike swimming around in his habitat. It such a pleasure to watch this. Great stuff! Even did some FRC dives to keep under easier.

twilight_freedivingAfter watching the pike for around 15 minutes we did 2 dives through the small tunnel and enjoyed it a lot. The water in the lake was pretty okay until 5 meters depth. The tunnel was at 7 and was pretty dark. I couldn’t see Sanne who was right in front of me.

Last object to conquer was another 10 meter bouy. There were some scubadivers over there and it’s always fun to watch scubadivers doing their thing without noticing that we are hanging right besides them watching them at 10 meters depth.

To finish of the session we tried to dive from the 10 meter platform we started with back to shore. Only thing is that I made a mistake and started of the wrong side from the platform. That probably explained why the bottom wasn’t going up.. But as always fun to do!

After more then 1 hour in the water it was time to get out completely psyched up and ready to do another dive. Exactly the feeling I needed for the coming week!

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