High Definition Video testing

puredigital_flipminohd.jpgLittle over a month ago I purchased a nice little gadget which lets me record in High Definition quality (720p). The gadget is just as small as a phone and weighs even less. It’s a Flip Mino HD and it brings mobile HD video to your doorstep. So the perfect opportunity for me to test it and thus I’m bringing it to the freediving we do.

Check out this small video clip in HD ๐Ÿ˜‰


This is just a short impression clip we shot during the last 2 training sessions (The last run of 1m 30s static schedule of Indoor & Outdoor freediving in Bosmolenplas, Panheel), so far I think the FLip Mino HD can bring us that extra footage we can use in our video clips ยป enriching the freediving experience like we do in the moment.

Now all we need is a underwater casing for this small and mobile HD recorder, as they only feature an underwater casing for the Flip Ultra.

2 thoughts on “High Definition Video testing”

  1. What I great hi quality camera! I read in the specs that the lens would be well suited for low light situations. I am very curious how it would do under water, is there a waterproof casing available?

    – Eric

  2. Some of the reviews say that low light isn’t good and other say it’s good. I haven’t really tested, but I could do a test later.

    Underwater casing unfortunately isn’t available yet, I already tried a support request to ask when or if it was due? But I only got a political answer saying they don’t speculate about future releases.

    If you’re going for the non-HD “Flip Ultra”, they already have a underwater casing for that one. But the picture quality is 640×480, which I already have with the Canon IXUS 60.

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