Website: Re-design to better find information

20090429_wedsite_redesign.pngAlthough this is an ongoing process, which in my case will never seize to exist (because I love it), the web-design for the website has changed. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to integrate everything back into one place again, which WordPress is actually capable of. The only thing that still needs work is the forum, but that can stay this way for now, until I find time to redesign and integrate it.

I deliberately used the ‘Read more’ for this article, so it doesn’t use up the website more than needed. I would really like to invite the people who read our content through RSS or mail to take a look at the website to see if they can find all information.

The goal with this re-design has more to do with structure and finding the right information, than the design itself. I’ve been trying to re-place all information in a way I think it’s easy for the readers to find their info. I used a nice clean template to achieve this.


I’ve picked up my articles about freediving (What is freediving, Philosophy, etc.), team, upcoming events, contact form, etc. and re-organized them under the fly-out menu bar at the top of the site.


I also added the media to be fully integrated into the WordPress site, so now you can visit the picture gallery and the video-player directly from within the main page’s menu bar item ยป Media.


  • The sidebar features the latest news about Sharkbait which I post through twitter, to keep you up to date whenever we’re on the road to go freediving or just finished a session and we would like to inform you about it.
  • It also features the comments placed to different articles and the comments are easier to navigate to find the comment from a while back.
  • The tag-cloud now actually is a cloud in 3D to spice up the way of searching for the tags used for different posts.
  • I’ve setup a list of links to other websites/blogs we read and people we follow in the freediving world. If your link is missing and you would like for it to be in that list as well, feel free to contact us through the contact form topic “Site Related”.


  • The menu-bar is now a fly-out menu bar and holds more content organized under different labels
  • At the bottom of the page you can now quickly skip through the older posts (yikes we already have 120 posts on 25 pages :S)

If you would like an avatar to show up whenever you place a comment, please feel free to sign up at Gravatar‘s service with the e-mail address you use to place the comment here. Our website will check at the Gravatar-service if you have an avatar there linked to the used e-mail address and this way we can show it on our site.

Please provide us feedback if you think it is an improvement, or if you are having trouble finding the information you want. You can either do this by commenting to this post or use the contact form. I’m aware that some areas do not fully show the desired information, but I’m working on that at the moment.

Also if you have any suggestions about what we could feature on our site i.e.: You could gather the useful information from this post and place it on a static page “How to use the website”.

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