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img_0887After yesterdays post about safety it made me think about freediving and education. Everybody who wants to freedive needs to follow a course where you will learn the most basic skills and knowledge to continue. The problem is that for some people it is just hard to go to a course if there is not an instructor in their neighborhood. In short I just recommend by doing a course with an AIDA (Instructor List)or Apnea Academy instructor (list). That’s the best thing to do.

The next best thing to do is to read everything you can on internet and building your own knowledge about freediving by experience, trial and error. That’s how everybody started. That’s how freedivers started before there was AIDA or Apnea Academy.

img_3988There are many online places where you can find a lot of information about freediving and the most famous one is of course the deeperblue forums. The problem is that everybody is putting everything online and beginners are just overwhelmed with so much stuff, even stuff that shouldn’t be seen and done by beginners.

I’ve given a lot of freediving courses in all kind of different levels in the last years and see myself as a good and competent instructor and coach for freediving. As I don’t really have the motivation anymore to do weekends full of freediving with beginners and other people, I thought it would be a shame to let all this knowledge and information that I have in my head and on my hard disk to disappear.

img_3882So in the coming weeks I’m going to give at least one online freediving lesson online about how to become a freediver. Again, this is only theory and can’t replace a real course! Here a short overview of what’s coming in the next weeks. Probably on every Sunday.

  1. General Freediving Information
  2. Physics
  3. Buddy System
  4. Freediving Techniques
  5. Risks and Safety
  6. Physiology
  7. Equipment
  8. Breathing
  9. Environment
  10. Mental Training

10 thoughts on “Free Online Freediving Lessons”

  1. I’m in. Even having taken courses, I’m so far from any other active freedivers that it should help!

  2. Nice to hear about the positive response. And don’t worry, you won’t miss it by not signing up!

    And Snap, the website looks great! But I’ll publish mine anyway if you don’t mind… 😉 Can you tell me who the person behind it is? I couldn’t figure it out. Someone from Israel I guess. Erez Beatus maybe?

    1. on my personal harddrive… Somehow I never got the time to transfer all the lessons to good looking web versions. I'll put it on my todo list once again! Thanks for reminding me and sorry for the delay.

  3. So is there a course or not? 34 weeks after the last post I am asking the question. 30-5-2011. Please reply to the email as it appears this thread is dead.

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