Website Moved & Free Freediving Lessons Update

img_1105As you may have noticed this website and Shark Freediving have been offline for some hours. This was due to the fact that we changed from our server in the USA to a new one in the Netherlands. This should speed up the website for our Dutch and European readers a lot, where the most of our readers come from. At the same time the speed overseas shouldn’t really drop down due to some technical arrangements with the server. Let us know if you notice a speed increase or decrease. At the same time if you find some other faults or errors, leave a comment as well.

Due to all the work that went into this work, the start of the free freediving lessons have also moved some days ahead. The first few lessons were ready, but instead of simply putting one big piece of text online, we want to present it properly to you, in a way that will benefit you most. We promise it will be something special! Just wait for a few more days. 😉

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