Outdoor freediving session, with super visibility

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20090521-panheel-02-mediumToday Jorg, Yugyug and me met up for a freediving session in Panheel. After we checked the weather was OK, we headed for the Bosmolenplas. Marieke also tagged along to go for a good run, whilst we were freediving. We changed into our suits after we discussed the freediving plan for today.

20090521-panheel-09-mediumFirst up we did some warm-up freedives at the 10m buoy and we were amazed by the super visibility. You could see the platform at 10 meters deep, which doesn’t happen a lot as we recall.

We continued to the PADI-awareness object to see if the Pike was at his usual spot. Unfortunately he wasn’t there, but we spotted some perches around the object.

Next up on our list was the sunken boat, after a small search for the boat we found it and descended to it. It’s a nice object to freedive around, also because there were 3 or more big perches around the boat. Jorg suggested going in the boat, I went down and into the boat. When I turned around inside the boat, I looked out of the window and a perch was observing me. A strange sight, but yet a fun thing to do.

20090521-panheel-41-mediumNow we faced the question of swimming all the way to the 22m deep buoy or just swim to the 35m buoy, which in distance now was closer, because we were at the boat’s location. So we set out to swim there. Jorg was up first and did a nice 20m freedive FIM style. Next up I went down CWT style to the same depth and after my dive I buddied Yugyug, who did a 18m CWT dive in our cold dutch waters 😉

20090521-panheel-52-mediumThe second round Jorg headed down FIM style to 25 meters and yanked the rope on his way back up. Always reminds me of a float which gets pulled down by a fish, but a big fish in this case 😉 AFter that I prepared to go for a deeper freedive also FIM style, but eyes closed for most of the dive. It was somewhere around 16 meters where the rope goes over in a thinner rope, where I started my free fall. All felt good and I made a turn and headed for the surface again. Somewhere around 10 meters depth you could get tangled in the ropes, so I opened my eyes for that part, when I spotted a free floating camera and no Jorg attached. I grabbed my camera and soon after I saw Jorg, just as amazed as I was 😮 Great dive and after re-counting the statistics it must have been around 30 meters depth. After that Yugyug made another freedive to 20 meters and resurfaced with a smile on his face.

20090521-panheel-07-mediumLast but not least we went back to the 10m buoy to make a swim to the lake-entrance from that buoy. As we’ve done this quite a few times, Jorg still manages to turn up 20 meters to the right no where near the lake-entrance, “But next time I’ll get it”, he said. All in all a super outdoor freediving session, making us all excited for more freediving.

We also shot a lot of movie footage, but I’ll edit that later into a small movie clip and put it up on Youtube.

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