Outdoor freediving GoPro Video

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I spent last night creating the movie clip from the GoPro Hero camera footage we shot last week during our Outdoor freediving training. The images it made turned out to be very impressive and I had to boggle my mind to see how to fit it all into a nice looking video clip.



(Video quality in HD takes longer to process at Youtube, so if it displays ‘An error occurred’, please try again later or visit our Team Sharkbait channel to view the lower quality version)

6 thoughts on “Outdoor freediving GoPro Video”

  1. Nice video! Is that 23m you are diving to in the video? I was wondering what the advantage is from using a snorkel? Furthermore, what breathing cycles are you doing between dives?

  2. okay, but why do you use a snorkel? With a snorkel you increase the dead space, thereby decreasing the amount of fresh air in your lungs. So what is the advantage of using a snorkel then?

  3. @Jolle – Why we use a snorkel in the breath up session is the because of the smooth transition for a duck dive. Preparing on the back or straight up in the water without a snorkel, just hasn’t got our preference. Even in a depth competition I use the snorkel to breath up.

    To set the record straight, we never descend with the snorkel in our mouth for safety reasons, as the jaw can lock the snorkel in your mouth.

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