Shivers down the spine » not good for the freediving feeling

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Today’s training at the pool was a special one… It’s the first time, since I met Jorg, that he had the shivers from cold water. Normally I am the one who starts to get cold during static’s or dynamic’s, but this time it was Jorg’s turn.

Bonjour!We set out for our normal schedule, where Jorg does his 4-5 static’s at depth, followed by 2-3 dynamic runs. The first static starts with 1 minute, increasing it by 15 seconds every next try with 2 minutes rest in between. So as Jorg filled his lungs with air to descend to 5 meters, all was well and he resurfaced in a normal manner, but immediately told me he felt cold. Two minutes later, after breathing up for his second try, he descended again. This time he was a bit restless, as he sat himself down on the pool floor with his back against the wall. Never the less, he finished his 2nd try ad resurfaced. Now I could even tell that he was shivering, so the next tries he did were not relaxed as he’s capable of doing the static’s at depth.  Finishing up the schedule with a nice 1 minute 50 seconds, but shivers all over and a badly influenced freediving feeling.

20090509-tongelreep-02-mediumMoving on to the dynamics, the cold was no different. Jorg started of with some dynamic no fins and immediately after he did the dynamic with fins, where as last week he’d turned and head back, now he turned and resurfaced. Not willing to do another one, he flipped a few switches and decided to an extra run with fins, but a different technique. This proved to bring back his freediving feeling, because he did it monofin style. I don’t know how he pulls it off, but every time he does monofin style it immediately looks easy and natural. A thing to keep in mind for our next training sessions.

Yugyug had joined up with us, halfway through Jorg’s schedule. He was up for some different kind of training and he managed to pull off the distance he’d predicted a few weeks back. This new technique is looking promising and most probably he’ll demonstrate it in a future competition event. We’re looking forward to seeing him do that in live action.

Both me and Yugyug finished with a static at depth schedule, where we set out to do the same schedule Jorg had done earlier. Most interestingly, my shivers went away in the second try and never returned this session. That was a great static at depth session, where me and Yugyug ended with a 2 minute 20 seconds static at 5 meters. My last try I got rid of my goggles and went down no mask – no noseclip style, this is by far the best way for me to do static’s these days.

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