Something Strange Is Happening

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PICT0003Today was pool training again. Last week was just terrible, I was shivering all over the place, and couldn’t manage to do anything with a good feeling. I hoped today would be different, but when I jumped in the water to do my statics at depth, I already felt over 10 seconds I would start to shiver again.

So, during the First 10 seconds on the bottom, I decided to do only 1 static at depth today and see how far I could go on a first try. I came up at 1:35 and it felt pretty good, but COLD! I don’t think I’ve ever been this cold in a pool. Hopefully this is due the fact that I lost 16 kilo’s in the last few months, and that my natural insulation layer is getting thinner and thinner.

Done with the statics, it was time for dynamics. This time I started with the fins. First lap kick and glide technique with the C4’s bifins, and the way back normal monofin kick. At 50 meters it all strangely felt still very good, so I decided to make a turn and come up. I did 55 meters. I think the last time I did over 50 meters was around 2003, 6 years ago, so I was pretty excited to notice I didn’t have any contractions but more importantly also no lactic acid feeling in the legs.

Normally I get such a big boost of lactic acid after already 25 meters underwater, that I already give up 5 meters later. I even have this in such extent that when I dive to the bottom of our training like in constant weight (23 meters) and I turn, my legs suddenly blast full of lactic acid so hard I can’t use them anymore. I have to swim up with my arms only.

PICT0004Pretty excited that I didn’t have heavy legs, I decided to do another one. This time I started with a normal bifins kick, to make sure I would feel my legs burn at 25 meters. But still at 25 everything okay. I turned around and went monofinning back, still without any problems and again 50 meters in a much higher pace than the previous one. Lactic acid, gone… Hopefully also an effect of all the workouts and weight loss.

Next was dynamic without fins. Easy does it, so with a steady stroke and kick I came up at 41 meters, exactly one meter further then what I can remember being my best performance. Just before surfacing I got a first contraction, so there was plenty more where this came from.

Then I did some no fins without arms, and one without using the legs. But that last one was pretty funny, because at one point my legs were completely sunk so that I was vertical in the water still training to swim horizontally.

Last test of the day was a static at depth and continue with a dynamic without fins. I did 40 seconds at 5 meters before I left, and I managed to do almost the same distance as my new ‘personal best’. It’s good to know that it’s not the oxygen that is getting me to stop, but the built-up of CO2 that I’m not used to anymore after a 1 year freediving sabbatical.

Promising results! Coming weekend I will test my constant weight with fins to see how things are going with my lactic acid built-up in the deep. Looking forward to the next session.

Unfortunately Sanne developed a little neck problem during buddy’ing me. Probably an effect due to the air-condition at work and some overachievers trying to get the thing to work as good as possible. It was so uncomfortable that he decided, after a small test run, not to continue with his training, so that it would be over In the weekend when we go outside.

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