Scooter Time!

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Our scooter was a little bit smaller...
Our scooter was a little bit smaller...

Today was another excellent training at  the depth of Panheel. This time things were quite different because Sanne had borrowed a underwater scooter from a friend. Playtimeeee!

After ripping my suit in several pieces I had no choice to put on my 5 millimeter submarine wetsuit. The water was actually pretty hot, so after entering I immediately flushed my suit with water and decided to take of my gloves.

Arrived at the 10 meter buoy it was time for some scooter testing. Fun to do, but hard to equalize and keep the speed up. After several dives it became easier and we really got into it. So that meant time for the 23 meter line.

It’s so relaxing to use a scooter to bring you 200 meter into the lake without having to kick for yourself. The difference in relaxation is really there so first things first: some easy free immersion dives to the bottom.

It is really time to find a deeper place. Staying at the bottom for around 20 seconds is the limit with regards to safety and it still feels so easy. We really have to make our own buoy with line to continue our training in the deeper parts of the lake.

After the serious training it was scooter time again. I decided to do a dive to the bottom with the machine, but my ears didn’t agree. Too fast going down, too late equalizing. That was also the end for my ears for the complete session.

Sanne and I did an easy ride back to the shore and decided to get our own scooter. Only the use as a transportation system to get from the shore to the far away buoy and back make it worth the investment.

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