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scooterThat was fun! Sanne still had the scooter in his possession that he borrowed, so we could do some more underwater racing and playing this week in the somewhat deep waters of Panheel.

Besides the fact that racing down to 23 meters in full gear speed and going up gives me the feel of doing no limits again, I also didn’t have any problems this time with regards to equalizing and the speed.

Lots of play and fun and also some good and serious training dives. Sanne is looking pretty relaxed during these dives and is making pretty pauzes at the bottom of the lake. That guy can go so much deeper then he thinks…

After the usual 23 meter sand sitting on the bottom I also did a RFC dive. It felt pretty good! 18 meters without any problems. It’s hard work, but feels really easy. It’s very clear were my urge to breath come from, damn co2!

Next week vacation for me in France and when I come back Sanne and I will starting in the pool again. Vacation time is over, almost!

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