Break’s over, back in action…

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sannebuurmaOver the last year I was enjoying my step back from competitions, as you might have read on this blog. We’ve done a lot of training, without actual performance goals. The main goal of my step back was to have fun in freediving again. During this year I’ve grown back to enjoying and experiencing freediving the way I used to, giving me an overall fantastic feeling. The last few months thoughts of serious training were crossing my mind again and I kept off these thoughts until I couldn’t resist anymore.

At first I wanted to compete in the 5th Dutch Apnea Open, making it the perfect comeback after a year of absence. Unfortunately I will not be in the Netherlands at that time, as I already planned the time off for my holiday way in advance. It made me consider the Rhein Main Cup competition and I pointed out to myself that it was time to “Just do it!“. Just like the dutch apnea open, this competition and I go way back to the beginning of my competitive freediving, so it mainly serves as a friendly and familiair ground.

I’ll describe the preparation schedule in my next post, in which I’ll also share my live updated schedule.

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