Into The Pool Again

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poolWeather wasn’t good, so instead of going outdoor we decided to take into the pool again. Summer vacation is over and the pool is crowded again. Many many kids yelling and screaming around during swimming and diving lessons. Lucky enough we found 1 lane to practice our dynamic without fins technique in.

Sanne decided to go hardcore again and do a pretty intense schedule to start with. He made it anyway, because he’s a monster. I’m really wondering what 23 days of training will bring to him in Wiesbaden. But maybe he’s start to do some work in the 16×50 discipline, which could suit him pretty welll.

Anyway, while Sanne was almost puking in the pool because of the high intensity, I decided to work on my dnf technique and take it easy with the rest periods. So I did around 4 25 meter laps with full lungs, 4 with half full lungs, 4 apnea crawls and some tests with doing static for 15-30 seconds on the side before leaving for the lap.

When Sanne was ready I decided to do one attempt until I could feel the  first contraction coming. Which brought me to 35 meters. At the same time I really have to work on my streamlining and have to look into neck weights and weight belts again. I’m using way to much power by pulling myself down. Oh well, enough to look  at for next time.

On a side note: I already did 2 static sessions this week and it felt pretty good. On Monday 8 times 1 minute with 1 breath in between. Pretty high co2 and a headache afterwards, but a small improvement. Yesterday I did a max static until contraction which brought me to 2:18. If I can work this up to 3 minutes without contractions I’m pretty happy.

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