The number 23 | Section 2: Alignment & Final preps

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I just came back from a good training in the Fitness Center here in Veldhoven, I tested the new alignment setup and could actually swim the same speed with less arm & legstrokes. And for my feeling the intensity is the same, I just need less strokes… And this is interestingly the same as I discussed with Jorg yesterday.

I combined my video material from last week Thursday and this weeks Wednesday alignment training. The material shows me 2 times without any weight, 2 times with 800 grams around my neck, 1 times with 3 kilograms around my neck and the last one is with 3 kilograms around the neck and 1 kilogram around my waist. Although I still float up, it feels a lot more relaxing. I’d like to float up as I still need to resurface for safety reasons, although I’d like this alignment a little further after Wiesbaden. Now Enough factors have changed and I don’t want to mix it up to much. Thanks Remko for letting me borrow your 3 kilograms neckweight ;). I’ll have to make my own again soon.


This week I also settled the medical checkup that you need to show at the competition. Everything was fine and there were no irregularities, it’s always reassuring that nothing’s wrong. On the night we check the alignment, I got into the static pool for a small sessions. To jorg’s surprise I was still able to amaze him with a clean 5 minute 9 seconds static. So far my schedule is a great journey in preparation for Wiesbaden on October 3rd.

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  1. Starts to look very nice indeed. The only thing you have to work on I think is that you now do not float up horizontally. Your head goes up a lot faster than your legs. If you are going to play with your weigthinh again, you should try to get the balance so that your head and ass break the surface at the same time. Half a kilo on your neckweight should do the trick. Maybe just try it by ductaping a half kilo lead weight to your neckweight and feel how that goes.

    And congrats on the easy 5 minute statics.

  2. That’s a good point you’re making @Arjen . I’ll have a look at that the next time I hit the waters. The duct taping is a good suggestion indeed, worked it’s magic for Jorg the other day as well.

  3. Hi Sanne ,

    Nice to read your progress ad new approaches.
    Hope you kick ass in Wiesbaden but above all keep having fun 😉

    What I did find very suppricing is that only now you guys realise the importance of buoancy on a no-fins dive ??? That puzzeles me, since that is normaly the first thing you get right before you even start playing with dnf. Also you attended the Trubridge class , where we worked also on that.
    But then again better late that not and sometimes the most obvious things elude us 😉 and it looks like you are getting close. Get it perfect , it does pay of big time.

    So again good luck and keep writing. Very nice to read !!!!!!!

    Hope to see you again soon so we can catch up a bit . Greetings from Patricia also

  4. You are right, it is only now that it makes more and more sense. It proves to be good to question my methods and choices once and a while 😉 I started writing about the proper balance and alignment, only to puzzle myself that I hadn’t really aligned myself properly. It must have been the speed that has been disguising it for me. As it doesn’t really show when I’m swimming at full speed.

    Thanks for your comment and I will do everything I can to have fun in competing at Wiesbaden. Looking forward to catching up soon!

  5. Good to hear you had fun in Wiesbaden and are happy with your result. Must give you a mental boost to realize you are enjoying freediving again does it ?
    And you are right , sometimes you have to take a step back first to go forward. Or at least re-think old methods and not be afraid to try something new even if it does not initially makes sense or gives immediate results. The process itself is where the fun is hidden, not the results. They only help to emphasize the fun you already experience but are not a prerequisite.

    Say hi to Jorg also for me , since it seems he is having just as much fun lately.

    See you soon and keep doing what you are doing !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @Glenn Venghaus First of all congrats on your 50 meters CNF!! Awesome man, living the dream!

    I really enjoyed the competition, but it’s all about the road that took me there – the training project. Finding out all the variables and connecting the dots on a short training schedule really made it worth the effort.

    I’ll say Hi to Jorg for ya. He even likes the statics again and that’s a very big step and really improves our training together, motivating of each others progress makes it fun and enjoyable.

    How’s Peter? Also doing well?

  7. @Sanne
    Thanks 😉 I hope you will also achieve your personal goals.
    Jorg and statics WOW !!!

    Peter i have not seen in 3 weeks . He could not come to the Bahamas and neither Patricia so this was a solo trip. But I feel he is making good progress on his dynamics. I will check as soon as i get back in a couple of days.


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