The Gliding Freediver

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WaterWayGlideFinFreedivingAs a result of our monofin training of the last couple of months Sanne and I have decided to get really serious with monofin training again. So we decided to order a Waterway Glide monofin.

After some tests in the last couple of weeks with the fins of Daan, Judith and Eric, the only option left to be sure for a good fin for the coming months was to get the Glide fin.

It should arrive around the first week of the new year, so hopefully our first pool training on January 9 will include the new fin already. Can’t wait to do some turns with it!

2 thoughts on “The Gliding Freediver”

  1. Hi Jorg,
    I’m also considering buying a Glide fin – gathering lots of information from forums and blogs…
    I have a few questions: what angle did you order? (is a 27+ a better choice);
    regarding foot size – I’m wearing 42,5 (European size), do you think the 290 mm would be too tight?
    Looking fwd to your first impressions – I’m especially interested in how many kicks will you cut compared to the other monofins you’ve tried.


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