2010: Jorg’s Freediving Goals

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bottomplateToday I wrote a big post about my Project 99. Part of that is also some goals in freediving. While last year it was all about finding fun again in freediving, this year it’s time again to set some goals and do some competitions as well.

Freediving goals are more clear. 4 minute static in water, 100 meter dynamic with fins and a 75 meter dynamic without fins before the end of the project.

The above is what I wrote down about freediving. For me these are some big numbers. To be clear: I don’t care if I do these performances during competition or training, I just want to do them!

I didn’t mention anything about depth, but that was on purpose. I still have a long standing goal of reaching 50 meters on my own power, but what is more importantly this year is consisting training in the deep again. And not only that, it’s also time to freedive deep in some clear water again with other freedivers! Maybe time for a freediving vacation to Dahab or Greece later this year.

It’s been a while since I really set some freediving goals, but I like the feeling and motivation it gives me again. So let’s start January with regular pool training on Thursday evening with the mono and starting the session with a static. And from there I’m going to work it up in the coming weeks.

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