Flow vs Technique

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There is a big difference at the moment between trying to execute a correct technique with a monofin and enjoying being underwater with a monofin. If I really focus on technique, relaxation is very far away and vice versa.

I was already struggling with this for the last past weeks. While doing a lot of technique training I noticed it was a while since I last felt in a flow state underwater. So yesterday it was time to make a small change.

From now on I divide my monofin training in technique and flow training. The first part will be dedicated in correct execution of style and technique including alignment (I really need a weight system, now!) and the second part will  be dedicated to relaxation and getting in a flow state of mind.

The tests yesterday showed that the two are still miles away and of course the goals is to bring technique and flow more together in the coming time. This will for sure not be done in a couple of weeks, but I’m sure that if we continue like this it will become months instead of years.

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  1. It’s for sure helping you with your ability to cope with the challenging parts of the training, as it releases some of the pressure to focus on all parts! It’s a good decision indeed, Keep up the good work.

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