Dry Summer

Autumn has already started and my deep freediving counter says ‘1’. I’ve never did so little depth freediving as this year! And still the dive I did, together with Bertrand and Sanne was great! So much fun and no problems reaching the same bottom as last years end of season, also slightly less relaxed then before.

From January till the July we did our weekly freediving pool training, even sometimes two times a week. Pool space is open again for us since two weeks, but I still have to start with pool training again.

Is it lack of motivation? Not for freediving! During my holiday visit to Turkey with the family I did several ‘freedives’ over there, but it was limited to ‘deep snorkeling’ due to absence of a buddy who could spot me. But for sure the depth was pulling again.

Maybe it was just time to sharpen the saw once again. Once lesson I’ve learned since that I started freediving in 1997 is that sometimes you have to listen to your body and don’t push things. Just wait until you ‘need’ it again.

Well, that feeling is coming I guess! Tonight I did a dry static out of nowhere while watching a nice Snowskating movie. First try was a 2 minute hold and felt really bad and I was immediately having negative thoughts about quitting. But after a 10 minute rest I decided to try it again and did 3:51 minutes without any noticeable contractions. Was that 4 minute mark still in reach? After a 5 minute rest I tried again and 4:07 seconds later I was a happy man!

Now I need to find a way to bring these dry static times into the water once again. Because in the water I still suck big time with statics. Oh yeah, and it would be nice to try our monofin again! It’s been a while, but it’s not the end, only a new beginning.

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