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Natural Evolution

I just love sports! I can’t live without it and I need to do it every day. Yes, I’m still talking about sports. There are many great sports out there, but the ones I’m always attracted to are the ones where creativity, individualism and natural skills are involved.

Because there are loads of sports that fall in that category I could never dedicate myself to only one discipline. There are just too many fun sports out there to just keep myself to only one kind of experience. I’m a multi-disciplinary guy. I can’t just focus on one thing in life and keep myself committed to it. There are way too many good things out there to keep untouched.

And I’m not alone. Also co-creator of this blog Sanne is a multi-sport person. We always shared interest in all kind of sports like Fitness, Cycling, Track & Field, Running, Swimming, Snowboarding, Skateboarding and of course the reason we started this blog, Freediving.

In the last years we trained together in many sports but only blogged about freediving. But while we still have fun freediving, at the moment we have even more fun with some other sports where improvement and skill development is still in its infancy.

After loads of talks and discussions with Sanne about this blog and freediving, we notice that our freediving philosophy is not only a freediving philosophy but a philosophy in general. Our way of doing sports together and collecting different experiences and developing skills to become better at a certain sport is what drives us time and time again to improve as a person and as a team. And that is what Team Sharkbait is about!

So, while freediving training has gone into hibernation mode for the winter, our skateboarding and snowboarding trainings are more awake then ever. And while we started this blog as a freediving only blog, we see now that it’s time to have a natural evolution to expand to write about all our sport  experiences. This blog will not only be about freediving anymore, but about all our sport experiences we do as a team.

To make sure that our regular readers who are only interested in our freediving adventures are not drowned in content they are not interested in (and vice versa) we will update the Team Sharkbait blog so that you can very easily select a different sport to read about, if you’re only interested in certain parts. We will even create some separate RSS feeds for the people who use them.

We hope that you will continue to follow us and give feedback now that we expand to an even more interesting road!

Water & Web Update

Water firmly attached to the Gene pool - My Son Rody and Daughter Indy

On Thursday Bertrand, Sanne and I went in the water again. While Bertrand had seen plenty of water in the last weeks, it has been a while since Sanne and I put our heads below the water surface. To be exact, almost 3 months without any pool training.

After last weeks surprise of a decent dry static, I was pretty eager to go to the pool and experience some more freediving feelings like that. Arriving in the pool we set out our own private lane and I started with some neutral statics at 5 meter depth, the bottom of the pool. It felt pretty good to be under again and relax and look around at the scubbies and snorkelers.

Three deep statics later it was time to put some motion in it and I started walking across the bottom of the pool. Still fun to do and almost as relaxing as the statics. After that it was time for some dynamic without fins and wow, that felt really really bad. So bad in fact that after two tries my positive feeling was completely gone and I was thinking of going home again. I just don’t know, something felt really wrong after those dynamics. The breath hold crawls to test things out still felt the same as 3 months before, but this dynamic thing, I don’t know…

In fact two days later I’m still thinking what to do with it. Should I start training again, or will I just keep to some recreational outdoor freediving and that’s it. Lets see what next week will bring. Maybe I will only do some crawls for the rest of the year, or maybe just stick to some statics at the bottom. So yeah, got some motivational issues at the moment 😉

On another note, I’ve been pretty busy restoring the old posts on the Sharkbait website. Links to websites and other posts were wrong, pictures were missing, etc. I fixed everything from the beginning to January 2008 at the moment and my plan is to slowly fix the whole archive. Over the years we wrote already more then 250+ blog posts here and it’s sometimes very inspirational to look back and see what we did some years back. I’ll give an update when I’m completely done with the monk work

In the last few weeks Sanne and I have also been discussing about how to continue with Team Sharkbait and what to write about and slowly the ideas are getting clearer and clearer, so expect an update on that as well.