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Preparing For The Snow

9 Weeks and 3 days to go! You probably can tell I’m looking forward to our Snowboard vacation to Flachau, Austria, in January. Maybe more about that trip later, but for now I want to focus on preparing my body as much as possible for the trip. Because there will be loads of powder snow and park riding involved, I really need to prepare myself to ‘survive’ the intense week in the snow.

So, where am I standing? Well, it has been months since I last visited the gym to work with some weights. Running is at an all time low. I stopped freediving for the winter. But the good news is I’m skateboarding around two times a week and snowboarding 1 to 2 times as well. So specific sport conditioning has already started. Now the rest.

In short, I’m too heavy, to much fat, too little cardiovasculair power, not enough strength and for sure not flexible enough. And I really need to change that before we go in 9 weeks time. This week I already started again with some light basic fitness exercises and running to warn my body to prepare for the coming weeks.

While I normally plan such projects to the minute, I’m going to change that a little this time and see where this will get me. Just some basic rules and that it. A few rules that I can remember and stick to it for 9 weeks. How hard can it be?

  1. do some regular fitness, running and stretching for the basics. Try to do some for 6 days a week and take 1 day rest.
  2. try to eat as healthy as possible with 3 meals a day. Don’t eat anything anymore after the last meal of the day. No sugar drinks! Eat what and when you want on Sunday, just to keep sane.
  3. keep skateboarding and snowboarding as much as possible and have fun doing it. Except that growth doesn’t occur in a straight diagonal line, but that it sometimes can plateau. Stick to it!

And that’s about it! 3 simple rules: basic maintenance of the body, energy intake, the passion. Not to difficult to follow? Lets see in the coming weeks where it will bring me.