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Finning technique (DYN)

The equalization that looked very promising last Wednesday, turned out to be the thing Kostas had been missing out on. He was able to equalize on land during the last 7 days and was eager to get into the water and test his new ability. So I brought a set of weights to the pool and let him drop down to the bottom with it. This way he could focus on only his equalization, first he tried head up and after that head down equalization. This all proved to be no problem anymore and in a way he found what he was looking for when joining us in the first place; Equalization.

Finning technique (DYN)
20081217_Technique_DYN_Kostas_01.jpgThe equalization was pretty important for the finning technique in the pool. As I wanted him to test his buoyancy by varying his air intake and depth, we weren’t able to vary the depth’s because equalization was in the way. Now he could vary his depth and air intake to search the neutral buoyancy to test with.

The fins we started out with are the C4 carbon fins, as they aren’t as stiff as the GARA’s. Because the legs aren’t making the proper movement yet, I think this is a better way of getting your legs to move the way you like.

As always when we’re trying to improve certain aspects we capture all dynamic runs on video and look at these video clips after every dynamic run. We’re currently only focusing on his finning technique, so push of and other parts are not in the way of Kostas’ focus.

Analyzing the videos
From the videos Kostas and I concluded that the knee bending was a thing he needed to think about in the next runs and I told him to really exaggerate that there is no knee joint. After a few runs this seemed to have the positive effect. Although his left leg seems to be somewhat better then his right leg, overall progress is huge al ready.

Other points he has to work on is a fluent movement and the wiggling /cork-screw-motion. Of course these are difficult to get rid of after the first time, but as determined as Kostas is he wants to get rid of this and further perfect his technique. Take a look at this compilation:

Also available in HD, click here.

Your opinion?
What are your opinions on his technique, what do you recommend him to be working on?

Just leave a comment and I’ll be sure to pass it on to him in the next training.

Putting an end to my doubts

As I’m busy with my personal life my blogging about how training progresses gets a bit left behind. I do update my progress after every training in my Twitter-feed, but I’d like to update you with a small progress report.

When I started freediving for Team Sharkbait, Jorg and I put up a plan of how I should always be able to do a certain performance under any conditions or preparation. At the time I put all my faith into that believe, but guessed it would be a long shot to be able and do 5 minutes static in any condition and a 100 meters of dynamic with fins no matter what.

Last night I’ve proven to myself that the disbelief, justified or not, was groundless. In the last few weeks Jorg dropped me in the small whirlpool at the Tongelreep for static sessions and all of the statics have been 5 minutes or more. 

Last night was the perfect example for myself to see that no prepration and stomachache resulted in a 5 minnute 10 seconds static. Also the Dynamic with Bi-fins didn’t pose a problem. 103 meters without a hassle proves for myself that my disbelief and doubts were not justified.

This provides me with a confidence boost for the coming weeks. So let’s see what happens.