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CO2 Headache

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It’s clear that my crawl without breath work is helping! I’m glad to notice a few things now that I’m busy with these schedules:

  1. Sticky; the more you are in the water, the better you can ‘feel’ the water. While doing a crawl in pulling myself forward, it gets easier and easier to make the water more sticky.
  2. No more shoulder pain; normally when I did crawls while not on a schedule, I felt a little ‘knack’ in my right shoulder while doing the crawl motion. I’m not sure if the added weightlifting helped in fastening my shoulder again, but for sure it feels great to swim injury free
  3. Zen State; because you swim the same lane over and over again, it gets easier and easier to get in a sort of Zen state, where I forget what I’m doing and am more in a dream state than in active fighting mode.
  4. CO2 Tolerance; it’s clear that if you do repeated schedules of CO2 work, your body learns to work with higher levels of CO2 and work gets easier and easier every week. Not only that; I also find after doing 20-25 minutes of doing CO2 work, that things are really getting easier. ┬áThe spleen at work!
  5. CO2 Headache; after a few minutes after finishing the workout, a headache turns up. Not really bad, but it’s a clear sign that the training is working and the CO2 is giving me this ‘pain’. Good to know that it works.

Specific CO2

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On Tuesday we went to the pool. Sanne for his schedule and I for my schedule. I’m pretty happy with it and how it went. It was hard for sure, but I really felt like I did a good Co2 workout. Just what I needed.

To be exact; at the end of each exercise it feels exactly the same as at the end of a static. Only here I know that if I do one more stroke I reach my goals, while at ┬ástatic the end is open. Maybe it’s time again to start doing statics for certain times and do schedules with that again, now I think of it.

The 8 times 25 meter with 1:25 minute countdown cycle per lap where doable. number 3 and 4 were the hardest, but I managed to continue. The last ones felt pretty easy, so a clear example that a small warmingup for me works. Crawling with 6 and 8 strokes without breath went pretty well. I really needed the 1 minute rest period between each lap, but then again, the feeling was good and Co2 was trained.

On Thursday, as Sanne already mentioned, our new monofin arrived and it was play time. Wow, what a difference! The footpockets are so much better, and the kick so much easier. The one thing that will need a lot of practice again will be the turn. But then again, you need to enjoy the trip as much as the destination, so this will be a good challenge.

I’m wondering where this fin will bring me in the coming weeks and months! Let’s work hard, enjoy the water and get some results.