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Extra Freediving Training

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crawlWith a new year it’s time for a new training regime. After some lengthy talks with Sanne, we decided to up the volume of freediving training we are doing.

Thursday stays reserved for our freediving discipline training, doing statics and some dynamics. Focusing on technique and performance and not so much on doing schedules.

Due to the fact that I have a horrible small co2 buffer in my body it is mandatory to start doing some schedules again to fix this problem. Sanne already explained the crawl without breath technique we developed for his own personal training and it’s now time to convert these exercises to myself.

We decided to add another 30 minutes of water time on Tuesday afternoon. People sometimes wonder why we don’t plan longer training routines (our Thursday schedule is 60 minutes), but that is just not for us and our busy lives and so many other activities.

These 30 minutes will be filled in the coming months with 2 different exercises. The First will be a series of 25 meter long crawls without breath. Tuesday I set the repeated countdown timer on my watch to 1:25 minutes and I will swim 8 times a 25 meter without breathing, rest and go again when the timer reaches zero.

The second exercise is crawling with an extended breathing rate. Where I normally crawl every 4 stokes, I will up this to 6 and 8 strokes. I will do 4×50 meters with a breath on each 6th stroke and rest after each 50 meter for 1 minute. After the First four laps are over I will continue and do another four laps but this time with one breath every 8th stroke.

I’m curious if I will manage to complete it. It will for sure give me a good burn, just like I need it. If everything goes all right I plan to change the schedule with very very small steps each time I manage to complete it successfully. Wish me luck! I need it!