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The making of a lanyard

Today I’ve been to a boat store to pick up the accessories for my lanyard and mounting them into a proper lanyard. Earlier this week I had to order a few of the components as he didn’t have them in stock. So I ordered a carabiner which could clip around a cable of at least 15mm and a quick release hook with a workload of 200 kg and a maximum load of 400kg. Both components are stainless steel and have a length of 70mm and respectively 35mm.

20080408_Lanyard_03_resize.jpgCombining them into a lanyard was the next step in the “making of…”, so by the rules I figured that a cable length of approximately 500mm would do the trick. So we took a plasticized wire rope and fixed a cable-guide (for a minimal bending radius) and mounted the carabiner and the quick release to the 500mm wire rope. The wire rope is clamped and shortened, leaving no loose ends to scar me or tear my suit.

20080408_Lanyard_04_resize.jpgThe quick release is attached to a ankle/wrist band with quite a large D-ring, but it suits the design in proportions. This band is also used for fitness exercises for the legs and covers the working load as well. As an extra safety measure, as seen in other lanyard designs, I added the quick release and attached a rope with a ball to that (of course I still have to shorten it).

20080408_Lanyard_01_resize.jpgWith all things mounted together the distance between the center of the 15mm cable and the center of my wrist will be approximately 700mm, which seems like a good length. The total weight of the lanyard is just under 300 grams, so I reckon I’ve thought of all the points described in the regulations. I hope the lanyard gets considered valid to AIDA regulations and does it’s job when the emergency poses.

Let me know what you think of my lanyard…