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Panheel: Perches and Pikes

8What a freedive! I do not have any other words for it… Jorg and I went out for a freedive in Bosmolenplas, Panheel. We would have gone to the pool for freedive training, but the weather was extremely nice, so we decided to head for Panheel. The parking lot was filled with Scuba divers, suiting up or their dives. We unpacked and got ready for freediving, getting into the elios suit in the hot sun proved to be challenging 😉

2After we put on the C4’s and masks, we dove down to the first object in the lake, right away we spotted a nice perch hovering around the object. Just cool to see…

Continuing to the 10m buoy to check visibility, we noticed that nothing had changed since the last dive. It had slightly improved to a visibility of 6-7m, but below the 7-8 meters deep it all got blurry and green-ish. So we enjoyed the freediving by making bubble rings, which we had been practicing in the pool for quite a while now. Just an amazing thing to watch these bubble rings.

5On our search for the PADI-object which helps fish and their habitat, we bumped into a pyramid object filled with tiny fish.

After that we found the PADI-object and with that we found the Pike we saw the last time. He was at the same location hovering in between the vegetation, accompanied by a perch family as well.

6As we both felt like doing a little deeper dive, we continued to the 23m buoy to check out the depth’s again. Jorg hasn’t been doing depth since last year June, so we were eager to see how that would feel. After his first reconnaissance freedive he was exhilarated with the ease and enjoyment.

On our way back to the side of the lake we tried to make some more bubble rings and spotted yet another perch… Just so much fun and enjoyment in 1 hour and 35minutes of freediving.

Like I said at the start, what a freedive!