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Grueling CO2 and dynamic turns

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It is always a good thing to train with other freedivers once and a while, which made me decide to visit the pool in Zeist again for a freediving training. I joined up with Eric van Riet Paap at 19:45 yesterday and we started out with a static session to be followed by a dynamic session later in the evening.

Eric had been making schedules for CO2 to go along his static times, as for today he wanted to do his “7,5 minute”-CO2 table. I agreed to try and do this schedule as well, just for the challenge of it, because it has been a while since a did a real good CO2 schedule. We started with a warm-up of empty lungs statics and I was very pleased with my results on that since this had been a while as well. Eric did nice empty lungs statics around 2m 10s and I was able to pull off a 1m 54s empty lung static.

In the meantime the other freedivers joined us, Rik Rösken, Danny Matherus, Erik Skoda and Rem. On to the schedule » First to go was Eric and he managed to do this grueling schedule without any bail outs or real problems. So respect for that! After that I was given the opportunity to give it a try. The first part went good and the first increase in time didn’t pose a problem. Then came the second increase in time and I just had too much trouble getting there in combination with an upcoming headache, that I decided that this schedule is for another time to finish. Just like Eric said, these things you have to build up to a level like this. None the less this was an awesome training and felt so good to be doing a proper CO2 training again.

After the schedule we both did a maximum static to see how the CO2 table influenced the contractions. Eric and I both did a respectable time without real problems, for 4m 31s for Eric and 4m 44s for myself.

For myself I had the goals I set in my last post, to reach 87,5 meters and see how easy that feels and always do a turn at 75m even if it’s just the turn. Eric had a similair kind of set up for his training, so we decided to take turns at our set distances. Eric first did a nice 100 meter with a turn and was very pleased with the overall feel, improvement points for himself were the turnpoints. After that I did a 87,5 meter dynamic and it actually felt like something to train with the coming period. We both went at it again and succeeded in doing that extra turn at the end. Pleased with the results I called it a day and went home and just made it there before midnight.

I like to thank Eric and his fellow freedivers for having me over, it was a great learning experience and good overall results to feel good about.

Tingling sensation can mean 2 different things

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The other night I was coaching Jorg while holding his breath at the hottub pool in the Tongelreep Eindhoven. He was experiencing his normal barrier and trying all kinds of different preparation techniques to break out of it as you can read here. As we know from our previous competition and other training sessions in the hottub, it can be very hot in there :D. This high temperature poses a range of problems which seemed easy to explain why they happen, but it turns out I was wrong about 1 of them.

When I was coaching Jorg, the time I spent in the pool doing nothing but coaching increased to a range of 25 minutes orso. That’s when I started sensing the same thing as when I’d have vasoconstriction. But although I assumed it was a free pass into having the vasoconstriction, I learned that it is actually vasodilation and thus the exact opposite of the thing you want happening with freediving.

To prove the theory I decided on doing a schedule to counteract the vasodilation and see after how many times the tingling sensation would fade away. So I did 1 minute 30 seconds breath holds and in the last 5 seconds I’d release all my air, after that I’d surface and immediately take one deep breath again and do another 1m30s. Normally with this schedule you would get the vasoconstriction kicking in at around 6 or 7 times.

The test showed us, that after only 3 times into this schedule the vasodilation was counteracted and I didn’t have the tingling feeling anymore. Theory proven and a lesson learned ;).

Static With A Twist

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P1010524Yesterday Team Sharkbait together with Shark Sports organized the first Shark Hot Tub Static and it was fun! It was a really small competition with only 4 people, but Team Sharkbait was the force behind some new things we are trying to do with the sport of freediving.

I’ve talked before about the fact that static is the most boring thing in the world to watch for an audience. So we have some ideas how to make it more interesting to watch and especially more recognizable for people. All these different masks, preparation rituals, no talking, quietness, yoga, etc don’t make up for a fun event.

During the event yesterday we purposely prohibited warming-ups and  equipment. This way everybody was chatting, laughing and having fun, and when they said they were ready they took their 2 minute countdown and started their static.

Everybody was pretty sceptic beforehand, but I guess now they’ve tried it, it felt pretty good and especially trainable. We’ve got some more ideas for the future, so more fun competitions coming up.

Results of yesterday:

  • Sanne 4:47
  • Daan 5:03
  • Nanja 4:34
  • Natascha 4:02 (PB)

Finding Differences

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IMG_3970Sanne and I had another good training in the pool. Our normal training schedule is starting to get shape again. First half is static, second is monofin. Easy does it.

We started with static again. The hot tub was filled with people from the previous diving (jump in the water type of diving) class and we  put ourselves in as well. Normally I don’t want to do static if somebody is watching my back. Crazy defect in my head just doesn’t like it when people are watching me doing freediving.

Today was different. Besides the fact that I don’t use goggles and a clock anymore for static already meant a big difference. But the fact that I started my statics with so many people in the hot tub is completly new for me. In the end I didn’t really mind doing it.

Static times are still at around 2 minutes, but it feels easier and easier and I’m doing them without goggles, which is already a big win for me. Never thought I could do it like this and stay (pretty much) comfortable.

Sanne did his required no-warmup static and managed to get to the minimum time he had to do, but there wasn’t much inspiration during his attempt and he stopped way before what he could do.

Next was monofin time. After doing a few 25 meter laps, it’s time for 25+. Legs are full with lactic acid after a few laps, so I switch to high speed, low speed, kick kick glide, etc. I do a very easy 50 meter. Sanne does a 75+ meter in a busy and unorganized pool.

Between the different laps I also do some 25 meter dynamic without fins, which feel great as well. Time for a dedicated lane during club-evening. Got the feeling that personal bests aren’t that far away anymore! Would be interesting to see a new freediving personal because the last one I did was almost 7 years ago.

Shivers down the spine » not good for the freediving feeling

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Today’s training at the pool was a special one… It’s the first time, since I met Jorg, that he had the shivers from cold water. Normally I am the one who starts to get cold during static’s or dynamic’s, but this time it was Jorg’s turn.

Bonjour!We set out for our normal schedule, where Jorg does his 4-5 static’s at depth, followed by 2-3 dynamic runs. The first static starts with 1 minute, increasing it by 15 seconds every next try with 2 minutes rest in between. So as Jorg filled his lungs with air to descend to 5 meters, all was well and he resurfaced in a normal manner, but immediately told me he felt cold. Two minutes later, after breathing up for his second try, he descended again. This time he was a bit restless, as he sat himself down on the pool floor with his back against the wall. Never the less, he finished his 2nd try ad resurfaced. Now I could even tell that he was shivering, so the next tries he did were not relaxed as he’s capable of doing the static’s at depth.  Finishing up the schedule with a nice 1 minute 50 seconds, but shivers all over and a badly influenced freediving feeling.

20090509-tongelreep-02-mediumMoving on to the dynamics, the cold was no different. Jorg started of with some dynamic no fins and immediately after he did the dynamic with fins, where as last week he’d turned and head back, now he turned and resurfaced. Not willing to do another one, he flipped a few switches and decided to an extra run with fins, but a different technique. This proved to bring back his freediving feeling, because he did it monofin style. I don’t know how he pulls it off, but every time he does monofin style it immediately looks easy and natural. A thing to keep in mind for our next training sessions.

Yugyug had joined up with us, halfway through Jorg’s schedule. He was up for some different kind of training and he managed to pull off the distance he’d predicted a few weeks back. This new technique is looking promising and most probably he’ll demonstrate it in a future competition event. We’re looking forward to seeing him do that in live action.

Both me and Yugyug finished with a static at depth schedule, where we set out to do the same schedule Jorg had done earlier. Most interestingly, my shivers went away in the second try and never returned this session. That was a great static at depth session, where me and Yugyug ended with a 2 minute 20 seconds static at 5 meters. My last try I got rid of my goggles and went down no mask – no noseclip style, this is by far the best way for me to do static’s these days.

Static at depth schedule & dynamic freediving

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20090509-tongelreep-11-mediumToday we had a freediving session in the Tongelreep in Eindhoven again, where Kostas,Jorg and me were present. Jorg did his static at depth schedule followed by some test with DNF and DYN. Jorg is also into trying the kick-glide technique with the bi-fins, but until now he says that the normal bi-fins stroke seems to keep him more balanced and not all that bored waiting to make a new kick while gliding ;).

His static at depth now has an end time of 1 minute 40 seconds, which makes me very keen on seeing Jorg do more schedules again. Hes really putting in the effort and it seems that he’s regaining confidence.

20090509-tongelreep-12-mediumAfter Jorg’s schedule, Kostas and I were up next to the static at depth challenge. As this is a first timer for Kostas and it’s been a while for me, we set out to do a schedule from 1 minute, 1 minute 10 seconds, 1 minute 20 seconds and a max of 2 minutes to see how that felt. For both me and Kostas it was a nice experience where we were quite relaxed. For myself I can conclude that I was already very cold before even starting the schedule, but I think Jorg and Kostas agree that the water today was slightly colder than usual.

After the static’s Jorg spotted a DNF for me and he noted that my scissor-like movement seems to have disappeared over time. This makes me very happy and now I know the extra training I put into this, has paid off. Kostas did 2 DYN runs after that and still needs to figure a proper speed and fin setup to get the most efficiency from the fins.

I compiled a short movie clip from our freediving training session, check it out:


Putting an end to my doubts

As I’m busy with my personal life my blogging about how training progresses gets a bit left behind. I do update my progress after every training in my Twitter-feed, but I’d like to update you with a small progress report.

When I started freediving for Team Sharkbait, Jorg and I put up a plan of how I should always be able to do a certain performance under any conditions or preparation. At the time I put all my faith into that believe, but guessed it would be a long shot to be able and do 5 minutes static in any condition and a 100 meters of dynamic with fins no matter what.

Last night I’ve proven to myself that the disbelief, justified or not, was groundless. In the last few weeks Jorg dropped me in the small whirlpool at the Tongelreep for static sessions and all of the statics have been 5 minutes or more. 

Last night was the perfect example for myself to see that no prepration and stomachache resulted in a 5 minnute 10 seconds static. Also the Dynamic with Bi-fins didn’t pose a problem. 103 meters without a hassle proves for myself that my disbelief and doubts were not justified.

This provides me with a confidence boost for the coming weeks. So let’s see what happens.