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How to improve monofin technique…

Tongelreep_09_02_2006_JJ_07_01.jpgTwo weeks ago I started training for monofin again. I bought a great monofin from Leader fins last year, but did not get the time to actually practice with it. Now Jorg and I put it up in the schedule and I’m gonna train and practice for the monofin for a while.

I have to say that I can already see a difference since last year test-runs with the monofin and the runs I do now. I’m not ready to actually monofin my way through the water, but I’m getting used to the foot-pockets and the different way my legs are bound. I do about 4-6 times 50m with it and then get back to the proper exercises to get the monofin motion going.

Tongelreep_09_02_2006_JJ_10_cropped_resized.jpgSpecial monofin exercises and filming them are very great tools to achieving a proper technique. My technique was very bad and still isn’t a Peter Pederson-style by a long shot. But I’m making progress with my lower-back not being that stiff anymore. The exercise that got that fixed, is a standard item on the exercise list now. As my lower-back flexibility has to improve much more…but looking back at some of the earlier video’s and present time video’s it shows a little improvement. So as long as there is improvement I still have hope that I can go from very bad technique to reasonable technique.

We’ll see what the coming weeks will hold in store, but one things for sure I’m going for it. I’d like to see what a few weeks of technique training can do.