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Thinking takes time

I took the time to think lately, not only about where I’m at in freediving, but also what the rest of life brings me. As this isn’t the topic of freediving which I share on this blog, I set up a blog for myself here.

Besides those topics, that are filling my mind, I still like freediving very much. Although posting about it is a bit hard, when the thoughts are bit scattered and without focus.

TSB_DYN_125m_P13_03.jpgI do have a few things I want to share from this thinking I have been doing. I’ve been discussing these things with Jorg, Kostas and Yugyug as well, which made me realize a few things. As the time passes – in a period where competitions are far away from me – I can’t help but notice that I start to get a feeling that I actually like doing freediving competitions because of the training for these competitions.

EricvanRietPaap.jpgI’m not giving in to this feeling just yet, as I want to be sure that it’s not the fact that I’m missing the structure & continuity it brought into my life. I really get a lot of joy just by freediving or reading about it on other blogs. I try and analyze how I feel when I read Eric van Riet Paap is doing over 8 minutes, that Daan Verhoeven is in Egypt again for the Bizzy blue hole. Analyzing these thoughts tells me why it feels good to take a step back, as the back of my mind still has the competition spirit going.

20081123_DutchApneaOpen_02.jpgI’m getting there, but not just yet. Kostas has been trying to convince me to go back into competitions again, just to show ourselves what we’re capable of. A teasing thought and with the right ingredients that will work, as long as I can block out that I’m doing it to show the world what I can do.