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Freediving During Office Hours

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Daan in a rather unusual normal moment
Daan in a rather unusual normal moment

This week I thought it would be fun to join some other freedivers during their training. Eric van Riet Paap, Daan Verhoeven en Judith van de Griendt were training in the Tongelreep during daytime and I was invited.

The good thing of working for yourself is that you’re flexible during office hours, so I managed to squeeze a small hour of water between customers and I could enjoy their company. As Sanne was still on Holiday it would be fun to see some other freedivers into action.

First of all, it’s always quite a shock to see that where Sanne and I keep our trainings to an hour, they are doing 4-5 hour long sessions in the water. Now I understand where those big numbers in the pool come from! If only I had the time…

Anyway, the sessions was short but fun. I tried out several monofins and decided that Judith here monofin would stand as a prototype for my own fin. What a difference with the usual fin! Amazing! Next time I don’t do a big run before going into the pool. I really wanted to give it a good try, but every time after a few kicks my legs filled up and there was nothing left. Strange feeling.

As I write this, Sanne is in the pool with Daan and Judith also testing out some monofins. Hopefully he manages to choose his fin as well, so that we can invest in a good monofin that gives good results and much less pain in the feet.

During the session on Wednesday Eric did a 187 meter dynamic and Judith a 150 meter dynamic. Big personal bests and amazing distances! Daan was feeling wacky and was screwing himself or something like that. Take a look below for some footage.

Eric van Riet Paap 187 Meter Dynamic With Fins

[youtube width=”600″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSFreVRBrsg[/youtube]

Daan Verhoeven Screwing Around

[youtube width=”600″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnkI8FsLWVQ[/youtube]

Judith van de Griendt 150 Meter Dynamic With Fins

[youtube width=”600″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpSnVL-eu1Q[/youtube]

4th Dutch Apnea Open

dutchapneaopen.jpgLast weekend Immersion organized Dutch Apnea Open in the Tongelreep Eindhoven. Together with Kostas and Guy, I participated in the competition, Marieke and Jorg were there to coach us along with friends who dared to travel through the snowy weather.

As it was the first competition for both Kostas and Guy,we had practiced the rules and procedures on the Thursday before the competition. It was a good training and new ground exploration for both of them.

20081123_DutchApneaOpen_02.jpgArriving at the competition we looked up our Official Top times and whilst doing so you just always bump into all familiar faces. Nice to see such a large competitor field. Talking to fellow freedivers and friends filled the first hour at the competition.

After all the socialization I got to coach Kostas and Guy for their performances in static. so we agreed upon our safety-tapping strategy and set out the planning for a small schedule until both their OT’s.

Static sessions
Guy Keulemans
20081123_DutchApneaOpen_03.jpgAs the organization set up the lanes somewhat confusing for freediver participating for the first time, Guy showed up in the wrong lane. As Guy was preparing I saw the competition field being entered by an other competitor so I had to relocate Guy into the proper lane after which he was ready to do his static. Not totally relaxed, but confident he did a great performance of 2m 39s. Not topping his personal best, but usually that’s a hard thing to do in a competition.

Kostas Kevrekidis
20081123_DutchApneaOpen_01.jpgAlso Kostas showed up in the wrong lane and after relocation we got to do the warm-up static’s. Eager to go for his static Kostas did his warm-up dives properly and prepared for a very good static. Having no problems while his goggle straps almost sprung just before his OT, he didn’t really had to struggle to get a perfect 4m 36s static.

Dynamic Sessions
Kostas Kevrekidis
Not totally confident about performing a 50m+ dynamic with fins, Kostas prepared for his DYN with a warm-up dive of 50m’s, no problem at all! So Guy and I inspired him to just do a turn and a few kicks and then he could still see how he felt. That being said he started his DYN and almost got stuck in the 1st meter start line, not distracted by that fact he went for 50m’s and turned. The 2 or 3 extra kicks got more and he did a great 85m DYN. Slipping up the surface protocol made it a disqualified performance, but does nothing to the fact he really made a good effort and perfect distance.

Guy Keulemans
20081123_DutchApneaOpen_04.jpgGuy prepared a schedule preceding his OT for DNF and the warm-up statics proved to be helpful. As the 3m deep pool posed no problem, he did a perfect 86m dynamic without fins (DNF). Seeing all the technique from our training put into practice and the points of attention for the surface protocol all went flawless.

I’m very proud of both Kostas and Guy for showing good performances!

Guy put up his pictures and movie-clips in this gallery » click here…

So…What about yourself…?
As for me, I’m currently going through a phase where I think it is best to resign from competitions for now. The pressure I put upon myself in wanting to always show the rest a worthy performance, I forget to enjoy competing in competitions like these.

For the record; my performances:

  • Static: 3m 35s, the point where usually my contractions come and the first fight starts.
  • Dynamic: 70 m DNF, clean and comfortable and yet again to the point where contractions and the fight start.

I wrote a post about my motivations to take a break from competitions, check it out here…

Putting an end to my doubts

As I’m busy with my personal life my blogging about how training progresses gets a bit left behind. I do update my progress after every training in my Twitter-feed, but I’d like to update you with a small progress report.

When I started freediving for Team Sharkbait, Jorg and I put up a plan of how I should always be able to do a certain performance under any conditions or preparation. At the time I put all my faith into that believe, but guessed it would be a long shot to be able and do 5 minutes static in any condition and a 100 meters of dynamic with fins no matter what.

Last night I’ve proven to myself that the disbelief, justified or not, was groundless. In the last few weeks Jorg dropped me in the small whirlpool at the Tongelreep for static sessions and all of the statics have been 5 minutes or more. 

Last night was the perfect example for myself to see that no prepration and stomachache resulted in a 5 minnute 10 seconds static. Also the Dynamic with Bi-fins didn’t pose a problem. 103 meters without a hassle proves for myself that my disbelief and doubts were not justified.

This provides me with a confidence boost for the coming weeks. So let’s see what happens.